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On This Page You Will Find Tips & Tricks For All Your Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow Extensions, Semi Permanent Mascara, Eyelash Extension Glue & Others

The Different Curves And Lengths Of Eyelash Extensions


Learn More About Your Eyelash Extensions Glue Or Your Semi Permanent Mascara:

Black Eyelash Extension Glue

- Moisture, plus the air will be loaded with water + the eyelash extension glue polymerizes quickly ( Nano atomizer ) Atomizer accelerates the polymerization (Drying). Warning !!! If the humidity is too high (Crying, Water within 24 hours) it would halve the holding of the pose.

Why Jade Stone! :

To prevent eyelash extension glue or semi-permanent mascara from curing too quickly.

Preserving Your Glue Or Mascara:

Refrigerator for a life of up to 1 year - Better viscosity & cure - Remove glue 1h before laying.

Eyebrow Extensions

The principle of eyebrow extensions being the same as that of eyelash extensions ... The promise is too. The principle is to stick a lash of silk on your existing hair. Thicker, more fleshy, darker eyebrows ? Everything is possible. There are 4 sizes of eyelashes, from shortest to longest to go from the inside to the outside of the eyebrow. There are also 2 eyebrow extension colors to "stick" closer to the natural complexion. In case of true capillary desert at this place, the eyelash is glued to the skin. Sensibles are reassured: the eyebrow extension glue is hypo-allergenic, transparent and painless.


How is an extension of the eyebrows?

The maneuver is meticulous and technical, almost artistic. The pose lasts a little over an hour is the price can go from 50 to 80 € depending on the region . During this time, the expert eyebrow extensions pose about sixty eyelashes per eyebrow.

The number depends on the initial state of the eyebrows. Obviously, the finer the eyebrow is, the more extensions will be glued For info, it is possible to do a pose of eyebrow extensions in addition to a dermo-pigmentation.

From the end of the appointment it is warned that this temporary implantation. The lifespan of the eyebrow extensions is a few days, 14 to 20 days max.

Eyelash Extension (Step By Step)

Before you start

  • Install your work plan, tools and equipment must be disinfected!
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and use a hand sanitizer.
  • Preparing your client
  • Ask your client to put her phone in vibrate mode
  • Use the bathroom if necessary
  • A soft music will be welcome to help him relax
  • Clean the area of ​​your client's eyes with the brushes and primer to remove any traces of make-up or grease and ensure that the eyelashes are clean and dry
  • (If client and makeup use micellar water and wait until eyelashes have dried)
  • Prepare the patches and install them on the lower eyelids

Eyelash application

  • Shake your glue between 10 and 20 seconds
  • when you drop it must be black!
  • Prepare your eyelashes on a support (Ring, lash station ..)
  • Isolate an eyelash using the right forceps then with your dominant hand take an extension with the curved forceps and soak 1/3 of the eyelash extension in the glue
  • Wipe off the excess glue on your jade stone, crystal or other then smooth on the beginning of the eyelashes to create an attraction with the extension and deposit less than 1 mm away from the eyelid, keep the eyelashes isolate 3-4 ( pro) to ensure that the glue is dry and up to 30 sec for beginner glues that allow the novice to correct these errors.
  • Repeat the process on the other eye so you make sure that the same amount of eyelash extension on each eye, this will also allow your extensions to dry without touching the others
  • Check anyway that if the extensions are not glued together and in case, use your pincer to separate them if necessary.

When your pose is over

  • Use the bellows to completely remove the vapors from the glue.
  • Pass your forceps gently under the extensions to control that none is adhered to the patch during installation.
  • Brush with the help of the mascara brush that you will give to your client at the end
  • While supporting the skin, gently remove the patch
  • Check again that the extensions have not stuck with the external bottom lashes
  • Ask your client to open their eyes and then sit down
  • Give him a mirror so that she can discover his new look
  • Make suggestions (Cleanser special eyelash extension, mascara ...)


At what temperature and at what humidity rate to work?

L’ingrédient principal des colles pour extensions de cils est le cyanoacrylate. Un adhésif qui se solidifie au contact des molécules d’eau présentes dans l’air. Plus l’air ambiant est humide, plus sa prise est donc rapide. L’humidité de l’air peut être surveillée à l’aide d’un hygrostat, un appareil indiquant la température et le pourcentage d’humidité d’une pièce. Ces deux facteurs sont décisifs pour une pose rapide et un résultat durable.À noter : la plupart des colles pour extensions de cils se travaillent de manière optimale à un taux d’humidité entre 40 et 50 % et à une température située entre 21 et 39 °C.

Caution: Make sure that the ambient humidity is sufficient, especially in winter. Dry air promotes the emanation of glue vapors that can lead to irritation of the eyes (which become watery) or respiratory tract.

What Precautions For Storage And Use To Respect?

A container of glue for open eyelash extensions should not be kept in the refrigerator under any circumstances. In addition, these glues contain black pigments that can be deposited in the bottom of the containers. It is therefore recommended to shake the glue regularly before use. To do this, unscrew the cap and, with a latex glove, seal the opening of the glue. Thus, you avoid that it is projected into the screw cap during shaking of the container, and therefore it solidifies at this level. This would greatly hinder the closure of the cap. According to its brand, a glue for eyelash extensions may have a variable shelf life after opening.

When Should I Replace The Glue?

The glue should no longer be used since it has the appearance of a transparent liquid containing some black pigment stains. It must also be replaced if it quickly forms wires, despite an optimal environment.

Allergic Reaction: How To React?

Most allergic reactions to glue for eyelash extensions only occur 48 hours after insertion. The eyes are then red and burn. The edge of the eyelid is itchy and the skin may peel.

First thing to do: reassure the client. False eyelashes should never be removed. Nor must we apply a stripper for false eyelashes on the eyes. Make it clear to the client that after 48 hours at the latest, the glue will have completely evaporated and solidified. With the key, the end of the inconveniences and the allergic reaction as a whole. In the meantime, to minimize the unpleasant symptoms quickly, a mini-vaporizer can be used. The water, transformed into a fine mist, will accelerate the setting of the glue and stop the diffusion of toxic vapors. The client must be careful to buy a quality aerosol: too large droplets can affect the lashes in the long term. The client may also purchase pharmacy cortisone and / or eye drops.

Allergic Client: What About The Installation Of New Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelashing in clients who have already had an allergy to glue is risky and strongly discouraged. Even the most anti-allergenic glues contain cyanoacrylate. Certainly, the percentage is lower than in conventional glues. But, over the course of the uses, the sensitivity of the customers increases. It is therefore recommended to completely abandon the installation of eyelash extensions.

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